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Meet The Doctors

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Dr. Dimitris Zourdos, Dentist of  DENTAL by DESIGN

“Treat each patient like they are your only patient”

Dr. Dimitris Zourdos

Dr. Dimitris Zourdos is a native of Upstate New York. He was raised in Greece, and then came to the United States to study dentistry, attending UMass Boston as an undergraduate and then Tufts School of Dental Medicine where he received his Doctorate in Dental Medicine in 2004. While attending school in Boston-he fell in love with the city. Upon graduating from Dental School Dr. Zourdos worked with a very skilled and successful dentist in New Hampshire for over three years while commuting from Boston. It was during this time that Dr Zourdos learned how to utilize the latest technological advances in dentistry. He then brought these skills to his own practice in Boston, MA.

His passion for his work comes from being exposed to two role models in his family. Dr. Zourdos' mother and sister are successful and popular dentists. He brings this family enthusiasm and love for his work to his approach with every patient. His goal is to establish long-term relationships with his patients by offering them a unique, high technology experience which reduces pain, unnecessary time in the office, exposure to hazardous chemicals, and radiation.

As a dentist, Dr. Zourdos keeps his professional knowledge up-to-date by seeking out the latest technological and medical advances in dentistry. He regularly and diligently attends continuing education courses in his field. His philosophy is that the best dental health is achieved when the dentist is educated in current research and maintains an ongoing relationship with each patient. Dr. Zourdos has made it his life’s work to keep people on the path of optimal dental health. “I am committed to giving all my patients a confident, healthy smile. I understand the trust that my patients place in me, and I will do everything I can to give that trust a solid foundation.”

When he is not working, Dr. Zourdos loves traveling, mountain biking, swimming, and riding motorcycles.

Dr. Zourdos is a member of the American Dental Association and the Massachusetts Dental Society.

To set up an appointment with Dr. Zourdos-please call us at (603) 431-4601 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view email Dr Zourdos.



Dr. Tarek Shaib (Dr. T)

Dr. Tarek Shaib

Dr. Zourdos and the Dental by Design Team are overjoyed to welcome the newest member to join our great team!

Dr. Tarek Shaib is excited to join the team at Boston Dental Design. He hails from Philadelphia, PA where he attended Temple University undergraduate, moving south to Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for dental school and completed a general practice residency in dentistry at Penn State. His time at Penn State gave him valuable experience in complex procedures and a heightened understanding of the need for the dental profession.

Raised by a supportive family that encouraged him to follow his dreams, his passion for dentistry and commitment to patient care stems from the pursuit of perfection. He brings this enthusiasm to the meticulous art of dentistry with the goal of making the dental appointment a stress-free, relaxed experience.

In the constantly evolving field of oral health, he is motivated to expand his knowledge with the aim of enhancing patient care. He is thrilled to join a practice with like-minded values. In his free time he enjoys playing guitar, running, biking and exploring Boston.

We want to thank you again for choosing us to serve your dental needs and welcoming Dr. Tarek. See you at your next visit!



Dr. Charles R. Braga, Periodontist of DENTAL by DESIGN


Dr. Charles Braga


Dr. Charles Braga graduated magna cum laude from Boston University with degrees in Biology and French. He then went on to graduate magna cum laude from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) in 1994 and then completed a residency program in Periodontics at Harvard in 1996, during which he earned his Master of Medical Sciences Degree (M.M.Sc.) magna cum laude. He is an elected member of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society, Alpha Omega, and the American Academy of Periodontology. During his residency, he was a clinical instructor in Periodontology for Harvard University’s International Program in Dentistry.


Dr. Braga continues to teach as a LANAP trainer with the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry. He is a lecturer and seasoned veteran in the use of ND:Yag Dental Lasers and the LANAP Protocol. Dr. Braga is also certified in the use of carbon dioxide and diode lasers. Additionally, Dr. Braga was a former researcher in microbially-derived bioplastics and new drug development. Dr. Braga has been certified and has extensive experience with all types of implants. He enjoys all aspects of Periodontics, Dental Laser Science, and Dental Surgery and strives to provide consistent, predictable results.


Dr. Charles Braga, Born: 6 June 1967, Fall River, Massachusetts

B.A. Biology, French, 1989, Magna cum Laude, Boston University

D.M.D., 1994 Magna cum Laude, Harvard University

M.M.Sc., (Master of Medical Sciences) 1996, Harvard University

Certificate in Periodontology 1996 Harvard University

Currently Residing in Newmarket New Hampshire

Certified Instructor: 2004-Present Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry

Former instructor in Harvard's International Program

in Dentistry.

Research experience in new drug development, biostatistics,

and biopolymer chemistry for the Department of the Army.

Experienced in the use of Nd:YAG, Diode, and Carbon Dioxide medical lasers.

Dr. Braga enjoys Travel, Computing, Automotives, and Politics



“LANAP and LAPIP: Laser-Mediated Periodontal Therapy”


The treatment of periodontitis has largely been resective and has involved conventional surgical techniques. The use of lasers in periodontics has also been a topic of interest and debate.  LANAP™, or the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is a technique whereby periodontitis can be treated using a patented FDA-approved protocol and laser, the PerioLase MVP-7, an Nd:YAG laser. The technique is tissue-sparing, largely comfortable, and readily patient-accepted.

Historical perspectives on periodontal treatment will be discussed and the specific superiority of the 1064nm wavelength will be advanced by review of scientific articles.  Laser physics and the properties of lasers will be discussed along with dental applications of other wavelengths and technologies.

Topics which will be covered in this presentation by Dr. Braga include:

•    Periodontal disease, diagnosis, and the use of lasers in treatment

•    Understanding the applicability of the 1064nm wavelength in periodontal therapy via LANAP™

•    The role of Nd:YAG lasers in periodontal treatment vs. competing wavelengths

•    Clinical case results and the science behind LANAP™: IJPRD December 2007, Nevins 2012





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